Radley Messenger Bags

The Radley messenger bag also known as the "across body bag" is a very popular style of bag in the Radley collection. The long strap allows you to walk "hands free" as it were.
As with many Radley bags, the messenger bag is made from the finest quality materials leather and comes in a variety of different styles and colours.
Radley Messenger bag
Radley Messenger bags are typically constructed with various zipped compartments inside making it not only a fashionable accessory but also a practical one. Most messenger bags even have a small compartment ideal for holding mobile phones or ipods.
The strap can be adjusted to suit the wearer's height or carrying style.
The Radley messenger bag is so designed that it can either be worn outside or under your outer garments which is useful if you don't want to flaunt the fact you have a gorgeous bag on you !!!
Although the most popular colours in the messenger bag range is probably black there are still plenty of other varieties to choose from such as natural tanned leather, chocolate leather and even a hot pink design !
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