Radley "Sweet Pickings" Signature Bag-A/W 2010

Well the wait is over (and sadly so is our summer) and Radley have now launched their new signature bag for Autumn/Winter 2010.
Titled "Sweet Pickings" this latest offering from Radley is already sold out on Radley's own website (although new stock will be arriving soon).
radley sweet pickings bag
The bag features Radley's scottie dog sat at the base of an apple tree watching the Autumn breeze blow away the leaves from the increasingly bare branches. The dog has caught an apple in his mouth with another fallen apple just behind him.
The other main feature of the bag is the yellow bicycle which has been exquisitely stitched by Radley. With the exception of the wheels the bike is entirely appliqued leather made almost completely from mustard yellow leather. At the front of the bicycle is a basket containing more apples that the scottie dog may have collected for it's owner.
The scene is complimented by rolling clouds (even these are beautifully made with one a different colour to the other) as well as a small bird perched on one of the tree's branches.
The Radley Sweet Pickings bag also has a matching umbrella, foldaway tote and leather purse available.
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