Radley "Without a paddle" bag


Radley's newest signature bag goes on sale today, February 27th 2009. The new picture bag is entitled "Without a paddle" and looks set to continue Radley's line of success.
The bag is Radley's signature bag for the Spring/Summer 2009 and showcases Radley's typical flair for colour, fun and originality.
Radley Without a Paddle bag
The scene shows Scottie the Radley dog dressed in a smart blue blazer and boater hat punting a barge with the female passenger hiding under a large white and yellow parasol. The woman can be seen reading a book called "Training Terriers".  Hung along the side of the boat are little pennants or flags in different pastel shades.
On the riverbank are sprinkled colourful flowers and tufts of grass.
A lovely touch in the design are the two ducks on the river one of which cheekily has it's derriere protruding out of the water as it searches underwater for some food.



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